Member of Hotel Vacation Trail


Our idea get more and more popular!

The first TV Hostel Kitzbühel is now Coordinator and official Member of Hotel Vacation Trail.

If you are a Host and like the rules, join us!


Source: ToyVoyagers

"We are still in the planning stages....

This was all BettyBoop's idea!

Each Trail Guide

1. Must have 3 dots of better to join trail as a host and must have hosted well before.

2. Must build a hotel (out of boxes) and furnish it for the voyagers he/she hosts. (or use other housing type structure such as a doll house, ect)

3. Must send pictures of completed TV hotel to coordinators.


Each TV must have 3 mentor created updates before joining the trail.

Tvs will stay 1 month at each hotel. TVs may stay longer in a hotel if there are not free rooms in another.


Coordinators: Kristykirkpatrick, BettyBoop

Trail Guides: (arranging for easiest postage)

stop 1: KristyKirkpatrick-Travel Inn Texas Texas, USA 6 room hotel. Private rooms. Bus to go to local events and fun locals!

stop 2: Littlebear Lightfoot-will submit photos by Tuesday, but I've seen it in person.

stop 3: BettyBoop-Austria  beautifully furnished hostel! (currently booked through January?)"







The First Toy Voyager Hostel


Welcome to the Toy Voyager Hostel website!


Here we are! The First Toy Voyager Hostel. A place all about traveling and your TV!


About the idea:

The whole story starting with Bruno, our TV, which is traveling on, we thought that is funny idea. So we also decide to be host for other TV's. Would be funnier, if we bulid a hostel for them, we thought. That's it!

About our hostel:

We offer your TV comfortably equipped rooms, comfortable beds and a great programm.


So enjoy our page and if your TV like to book, just write us on via PM .


Your TV Hostel Kitzbühel



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